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About Us

Paul Abraham, Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant

Our Experience

Mr. Paul Abraham (pictured here) has been practicing for many years as the Senior Consultant. Mrs. Anne Marie Abraham is the Operations Manager. 

We operate internationally. Our aim is to provide clients with honesty, professionalism and respectful service. We are proud and honored that FBC has been successful through referrals from satisfied clients. 

Mr. Paul is a licensed Immigration Consultant with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council and is also a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants. Paul has two Bachelor Degrees and two Master Degrees. Mrs. Anne Marie has a Bachelor Degree in Commerce and many years of consulting experience with the Canadian Government as well as 5 years as Executive Assistant to the Canadian Ambassador to the UAE. 


Our Approach

FBC retained  DDC as our trusted agent.  This union provides the perfect mix of expert immigration services on the one hand (DDC) and state of the art document management on the other (RHDL).

An important feature of our business is the fact that we will not take on any client unless they have a reasonable chance of success.

Our Canadian office is located at:

650 Washmill Lake Drive, Suite 260

Halifax, Nova Scotia


Our Canadian Regulator